1.5 metres economy at events, fairs and congresses

Suddenly it was here: the new reality: the one and a half meter economy. Nobody knows what it’s going to look like. For many industries, it remains a great puzzle and seems relatively impossible. When you think of events, that certainly seems to be the case. But is that the case? Or are there opportunities here? We are used to working at least 4 to 12 months ahead with our concepts, event management preparations, and productions. Nobody knows what the world will look like anymore. However, with our events and conferences, we must be prepared for this new reality.

If we owe anything to our creative stand, it is to approach this new reality with an open mind and solve it (temporarily) in the best possible way. From one day to the next, our concepts changed from how to get to as much connection as possible. Into, how to keep a meter and a half distance WITHOUT losing contact and interaction? Fortunately, we still make a lot of great concepts and plans for events in the future, but it is wise to take into account the one and a half meter economy and the expected guidelines of the RIVM and WHO.

Because that is perhaps the most important thing, more than ever, we are becoming aware of how crucial Live Contact is. After this period, we will never have to explain this to anyone again! Sometimes you have to miss something first to realize how important something is. Even us, the biggest supporters of Live, understand that now as never before. Nothing is as essential as making real and actual contact. With your client. With your colleagues. With your teams. With your target group and especially the people who are close to you, family, friends, and acquaintances.

Our expertise is the business to business market, live communication, and organizing events for charities, governments, semi-government, and (international) companies. We create, plan, and organize product launches, private events, corporate events, press events, exhibition stands, and congresses. All focused on interaction. What these events have in common is that the focus is always on sharing knowledge and making contact. Only the form and the way was different.

And now we’re going to a form we haven’t used before. The one and a half meter distance – event. Is that even possible? Yes, it is! Thank goodness. There are various solutions in strict compliance with RIVM and WHO guidelines. The use of online is essential.  And also in the future, when the numbers may rise again. To 100, 200, 1000, or more visitors. Then we will have the ideas and solutions to organize this as safely as possible. With interaction. With knowledge sharing. With impact. Making an actual connection.

We are your ideal and independent colleague, advising you, guiding you so that we can create together. Call us, and we will be happy to create it with you.

Would you like to know more about how we, as an events agency, can make your event corona-proof? Contact us here and plan a Skype / zoom / Webex / facetime/ WhatsApp or just a phone call. In these crazy times, we can also be reached in the evenings by appointment only.

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