A business anniversary or staff party to remember

Let’s Amplify your event

Some moments – business anniversaries or other important occasions – call for a big celebration! If you are planning a big party to celebrate a significant milestone, the atmosphere is vitally important. Will everyone feel looked after, at home, and comfortable? Will everyone go home feeling good and filled with beautiful memories? And will the staff party add value to the company culture and boost inter-staff communication? A staff party can foster multiple internal and external objectives. Internal objectives may include amended strategies and a cultural shift event. Anything goes! Only if your objectives have been achieved and if our presence has enabled the people on the internal organising committee to enjoy the party will we be satisfied!

Advantages of Amplify

  • Control/production: we take full care of all the logistics. The only thing you need to do is take a bow afterwards.
  • Invitation of business contacts: we help you consider whom to invite and explore the options within our own network.
  • Event design: Amplify will think up, design, and arrange everything you see and hear.
  • Content: we will draw up a content marketing plan featuring a wide range of options, such as video films, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories, and live streams.

How do you involve people in a business anniversary or staff party?

Amplify’s golden tip

Keep an eye out for undiscovered talents who would love to play a part in the event. Are there any employees who like to sing or play in a band? Enlist their services. Does anyone tell good stories? Give them a stage! Involve creative minds in a brainstorming session regarding the substantiation of the party and explore whether you can have colleagues, former employees or others play a part. This enhances inter-staff commitment and gives the event a personal touch.

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