Organising a gala event or award show that provides your guests with an ultimate experience

Let’s Amplify your event

A luxury, chic or outstanding gala event requires a perfect setting, which commences far before the actual event is scheduled. The proper invitation (through the proper channels!), an eye-catcher, a surprise or something unexpected turn a gala event or show into an unforgettable experience. What would you like your party to radiate? Luxury, professionalism, or creativity? What will happen on the stage, what will the dynamics of the show be like? Organising an award show may seem like a piece of cake, but nothing compares to the challenge of compiling an exciting and entertaining stage show. We would be happy to help you think and to arrange a perfect setting, perfect decorations, and the full organisation of the event.

Advantages of Amplify

  • Control/production: we take full care of all the logistics. The only thing you need to do is take a bow afterwards.
  • Invitation of contacts: we help you consider whom to invite and explore the options within our own network.
  • Event design: Amplify will think up, design, and arrange everything you see and hear.
  • Content: we will draw up a content marketing plan featuring a wide range of options, such as video films, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories, and live streams.

How do you provide guests with an additional experience following the gala event or the show?

Amplify’s golden tip

Set up a nice table with surprising goodie bags near the exit. The golden tip: mark the contents on the goodie bags. People often presume that such bags only contain some advertising brochures or pens. If you tell them what the (unique!) contents are, people will want to take a look. Tailor the products in the goodie bags to the event’s target group. A big bag of candy might not be the best idea for an audience that mainly consists of athletes, unless you give it a fun twist. And if your target group involves an innovative IT crowd, old-fashioned notepads will probably be a waste of money.

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