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Management teams and boards of directors regularly meet to set long-term goals – the dot on the horizon, as it is referred to in the Netherlands. They want to set down strategies for the future and take a critical look at the current state of affairs. Many such meetings involve top level talks or international level summits. In many cases, such events are organised at other locations, in the form of an away day or off-site meeting. Such meetings are vitally important. Ergo, it is essential for the facilities and the day’s schedule to be optimally geared to the wishes and requirements of the relevant target group.

Location, location, location

Together, we review the meeting’s goals and explore how the schedule can best be structured. The location is important and can even be incorporated into the programme. And as such days may be quite exhausting for the participants, how do you keep everyone fresh and full of energy? Just leave that to us!

Advantages of Amplify

  • Control/production: we take full care of all the logistics. The only thing you need to do is take a bow afterwards.
  • Event design: Amplify will think up, design, and arrange everything you see and hear.
  • Content: we will draw up a content marketing plan featuring a wide range of options, such as video films, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories, and live streams.

How do you keep the participants alert during a summit meeting?

Amplify’s golden tip

No-one enjoys an eight-hour meeting session. Moreover, such sessions aren’t effective, because people lose their attention; they become tired and listless. That is why you need to provide sufficient variety and energetic moments to bring the meeting back to life. Furthermore, an overloaded schedule is disastrous for your away day or summit meeting, so confine yourself to the essence. What elements are important and what is your ultimate goal? Look at the group’s energy and utilise its rhythm and dynamics. Proper preparation is the key!

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