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If you are organizing a virtual event or online congress, it involves a lot of knowledge and attention to detail. An online event needs a slightly different approach than a live event or conference. The preparations are often a little bit more complicated because extra technology is involved, stages and speaker presence are different. And you have to use different and maybe even extra strategies to make an impact on getting your message across online.

It goes without saying that, just like an offline event, an online event has to run smoothly. That requires a centralized execution and a clear event strategy. Based on that clear strategy, we help you to choose the necessary tools and develop the event lineup: this can be entirely online or hybrid, with guests sitting in the room and partially (international) participation via online platforms. We create and produce your entire event and make an impact on your brand. The objectives achieved, the message conveyed.

An online event requires a new way of thinking about form and layout and must be content first designed. And above all, visually attractive. Another big difference is the interaction: how do you ensure that people can make contact now that they no longer meet at lunch or drinks? How do you keep the attention span high? How do you plan the workshops, breakouts, and key-notes while the audience also has enough time for networking and connecting online? How do you put together the ultimate online (conference) program, taking into account all the wishes and objectives of stakeholders, sponsors, speakers, and above all, the visitors? We are happy to help you with that!

From technical production to online communication

There are different forms and variations imaginable for an online event, and one does not exclude the other. We’ll share a few to give you an idea of the possibilities.

– Video conferencing: Easy to set up, suitable for smaller meetings, meetings, breakouts sessions, or small group discussions.
– Webinar: This is a perfect presentation form. Primarily when the event or presentation revolves around one speaker. During a webinar, interaction is possible, but often not the primary goal.
– Live Stream: This also involves speakers, panelists, and is more like a broadcast. Often there is interaction possible with the audience. And many times, the chosen form is that of a television format. Having an interviewer with guests at a table.
Also, with live streaming, everything is possible, and the sky the limit.

– From home with the webcam/laptop. Disadvantage: little unprofessional impression, often unstable in quality. Very fast and inexpensive.
– Professional setup from home: better (professional) equipment, better image, and ability to switch. For the participant, this is already a lot more pleasant and also makes a better impression.
– Studio: In an existing or to be built on-site studio, the hosts, moderator, interviewer, and speakers of the event are present in the same location. A professional crew film them. The studio (often a green screen studio), gets the desired look and feel and can be branded entirely in the brand’s look and feel.
– Location Studio: in a theatre, event location, or your own office. Here we make a complete setup, which gives us all the freedom to design the event precisely as desired, of course, visualized by a professional crew.
All these solutions can be combined. In theory, you can do a TV broadcast with your webcam or a simple video conference from a studio. It is more professional to combine a specialized platform with better AV production. However, which form you want to use depends entirely on what you are going to do. And which goals you want to reach.

Virtual Events and Online Conferences require excellent communication and event strategy. Plus flawless production through technical knowledge and experience. At Amplify, we have it all. We’ll discuss your goals and ensure impact and ROI with your event. From technology to registration, from communication marketing to video, vlogs, and blogs: Amplify makes sure you get the most out of your online event.

Advantages of Amplify

  • Strategy: we create the event from start to finish with a complete communication and event plan.
  • Direction/production: we take care of the complete online, and offline logistics, all tools for streaming and online platforms are in-house.
  • Control/production: we take full care of all the logistics.
  • Show & Event design: Amplify will think up, design, and arrange everything you see and hear.
  • Our own participant registration tool: ticket sales, signing up for programme components, registration, networking, badges, voting, live voting in the conference hall, our tool does it all.
  • Poster uploading: many science conferences require speakers to upload posters/infographics featuring the content of their keynote address. Such documents can be uploaded – and reviewed by a designated committee – fully automatically.
  • Speaker assistance: you select your speakers with the utmost care. So you want these people to receive excellent support before, during, and after the conference, and you want to make sure that they know what they need to do.
  • Content: we will make a content marketing plan featuring video films, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories, and of course live streams during the conference.
  • Speaker guidance: your speakers are carefully selected. You also want them to receive excellent coaching and service before, during, and after the conference. Does an international speaker not have time to come to the event? No problem, we go to the speakers and provide a professional set up at their location. If that is also not possible, we have a broad international network and can team up with local partners to guarantee excellent production and a fantastic event.

Would you like to know more about your options for organizing an online conference or a virtual event? Hybrid of completely offline, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

Also, we have written some blogs about online and hybrid events. You can read them here.

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