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Public Relations, as the name implies, is all about relationships. Through PR, you want to build relationships with your audience, but also with the media and with influencers. A good relationship can result in successful and positive publications, that is, if you provide good content. Consequently, the launch of a product (or service) is a key element of your content strategy. The presentation of your product plays a major part in its reception by the public at large. Of course, you want a launch that distinguishes your product from the rest and that appeals to your target group. This is something you don’t want to be worrying about and we would be only too happy to take it off your hands!

Advantages of Amplify

  • Control/production: we take full care of all the logistics. The only thing you need to do is take a bow afterwards.
  • Invitation of press and business contacts: we help you consider whom to invite and explore the options within our own network.
  • Event design: Amplify will think up, design, and arrange everything you see and hear.
  • Content: we will draw up a content marketing plan featuring a wide range of options, such as video films, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories, and live streams.

How do you reach a wider audience with your PR & product launches?

Amplify’s golden tip

If you are organising an event showcasing new products, consider inviting influencers from that specific sector to get to know your product. Ask them if they are willing to share/write/show something about the product on their social media channels in exchange for access to the event. An additional tip: provide them with a well-stuffed goodie bag!

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