Science Conferences

Science Conferences

Let’s amplify your knowlegde event

When you organise a medical and/or science conference or another type of event where sharing knowledge is the focus, there is a lot involved. Expertise in the field of organizing science conferences and medical conferences is necessary to create a successful event. We at Amplify have the expertise and experience with medical and scientific conferences both in person, online and hybrid. The preparations are more often complex due to the presence of, for example, many stakeholders. There could be many (international) speakers and usually a large number of international visitors.

This requires tight central control: the main stage alone is often an event in itself. A congress day (or days) also requires a strict format, because of the numerous workshops, break-outs or key-notes  speakers and poster presenters. At the same time, you want the audience to have enough room to network and make contact.

From production to communication

At Amplify we have a lot of experience with knowledge-centred events. We discuss your goals and ensure ROI with your congress. From technique to registration, from communication marketing to video, vlogs and blogs: Amplify makes sure you get the maximum result from the congress.

Your benefits:

  • Complete online tool for hybrid, online or live medical or science congresses.
  • Abstract handling and poster tool integrated in the platform.
  • Much longer and sustainable impact of your congress.
  • Online community building with the field
  • Coordination / Direction / Production: we arrange the complete logistics (online and/or physical), including the main stage or plenary hall, of the congress day(s)
  • Poster uploading: at scientific congresses, speakers often have to upload posters/infographics containing the content of their key-note. The uploading and evaluation of these, by an assigned committee, can all be done fully automatically.
  • Show & Event design: everything you see and hear, Amplify invents, designs and arranges.
  • Own participant registration tool: ticket sales, registration, networking, badges, voting, live voting in the hall, it’s all possible in our tool.
  • Speaker support: You select your speakers carefully. You also want these people to receive excellent support before, during and after the conference and to know what to do.
  • Content: we create a content marketing plan with videos, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories and of course livestreams during the conference itself.

See our portfolio for more examples from (medical) science.

Example: DutchBiophysics (International online science congress)

DutchBiophysics is the annual two-day conference on molecular and cellular biophysics. The aim of this conference is to bring together all Dutch research groups in these two biophysical fields. Organisation DutchBiophysics is organised and sponsored by the NWO Science Domain (ENW), in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Microscopy (NVvM), the Society for Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering (BioPM) and the Dutch Society for Cell Biology (DSCB).

Through COVID-19 we are rapidly converting the original live conference into an online conference. We also support the organising committee in the creation and production. Via six studios we stream the dozens of sessions of the keynote speakers, regular and booster sessions to scientists all over the world.

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