How to Organize an succesfull virtual event or online conference

How to Organize an succesfull virtual event or online conference

Organizing a successful event online: where do you start? We assume that you have taken a good look at all the components involved in creating a strategy for your online event: target group, objective, and the impact you want to create. We assume you have considered everything, and these things are clear for the entire team. Only after you created your strategy, comes the big question: how are you going to execute this into an amazing online conference or virtual event. How do you organize an online/virtual event, and do you reach your goals?

Brands and organizations work on their brand and branding intensively. So for an actual online event, you can’t always do with simple (free) tools and settings; they might even detract from your brand. And in these times, you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with customers, prospects, and stakeholders more than ever.

Then you choose the platform that suits you best. For example, the popular online tools are easy to use.

Think of Zoom, Teams, or Skype. The advantage of these tools is familiarity; it is user-friendly because these tools are known to the general public, and the costs are relatively low. If you like to broadcast, without too much interaction with an existing group of followers, a Live Stream via Facebook or YouTube is also very suitable. The advantage is that your fans have already found you here and that it is a natural place to communicate something.

But what if you want more? More interaction and more presentation possibilities? Then you’ll soon find a webinar setup to suit your needs. That’s often just a bit more features and offers more opportunities for a group and interaction. Even the more familiar tools often offer this function. And there are several (international) providers to be found online, all specialized in webinars.

If you are looking for a professional look, we always advise choosing a studio setting. On an external location or in one of our studios, we create a branded environment where one or more speakers of the event are present. This way, there is already more dynamism and contact. We can choose to broadcast with limited interaction, or with plenty of interaction with the viewer.

If you want to break up into breakout sessions, that is also possible. For the break out sessions, we can again choose all different types of settings incorporating them in the event. There is no limit in choices an variations to vary between studio setting, possibly in combination with webinars and streams.

For international speakers, it makes sense to choose a stream or webinar setting. If your international speakers can’t find time to come to your event, we will go to the speaker and provide a professional set up on location. For local speakers, we can also create a studio setting in a break out set up.

Actually, for online events, we always advise choosing an essential event website where everything happens. An exclusive online environment where your event will take place. On the (event) website, visitors will find themselves in a conference or event that we have designed ourselves. This immediately benefits the experience. You are not just watching a stream: you are experiencing the event in a great looking online environment created just for the event or conference.

From start to finish we can take care of everything with our agency. The creation, communication, design, and production are in safe hands with us.

Based on your wishes, we make a custom proposal with all the tools you can use to make your online event a great success!

Would you like to know more about how we, as an event agency, can make your event corona-proof? Contact us here and plan a skype / zoom / Webex / facetime/ WhatsApp or just a phone call. In these crazy times, we can also be reached in the evenings by appointment only.

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