Live > Online > Hybrid > On-Demand is the way to go for knowledge events and conferences

Live > Online > Hybrid > On-demand knowledge events.
Take the next step and make a difference in creating on-demand events and congresses.

The corona crisis has turned the event industry upside down. Online is now the basis and the starting point of all events. Followed by hybrid, a form that is created with the – online first – thoughts and strategy. But when it comes to hybrid, don’t fall into the pitfalls of just organizing an online event with (some) audience.

The form that, in our humble opinion, will be most complementary to your marketing, communication, sales, hr, and other brand objectives are On-Demand Events. Think of it as an extension to your online and hybrid event and congress. You can share your knowledge with your community and target group anytime, anywhere. Because sharing knowledge and networking are often the most critical objectives of high-quality congresses and meetings.

In recent months we have organized numerous online events, congresses, social get-togethers, workshops, annual meetings, and even complete summer parties for our customers. Successful digital meetings that have achieved their goals. By working with existing (and new) streaming platforms that seamlessly integrate with online experiences and customized tools, participants discover how fun and interactive it is to meet each other online.

What if high-quality knowledge is the central part of your conference. And sharing that knowledge is vital?

What if your event is all about knowledge and content? Think, for example, of the science, education, government, healthcare, and IT sectors? High-quality knowledge, expertise, and networks are central in meetings for these disciplines, and it is less about the ‘pretty picture’ or the show around it. Of course, there is plenty of fun and interactive things to do at these events, but the message and connecting people is the most important thing. Then converting a live event into an online event is not a matter of copy-paste.

Take into account the behavior of your visitors.

So back to the drawing board, where the whole event will up for debate again. And even more important is the realization that your visitor’s time is just as scarce as before the corona crisis. Make sure there’s a right combination between a live online program and on-demand: that’s what makes the difference right now. As an event organizer, you have to take into account the behavior and needs of your visitors even more than before.

Content is leading

Therefore, content and knowledge events need a stable and experienced partner who takes their objectives seriously and does not come up with all the bells and whistles where the message is lost. Even though there are more and more enjoyable online tools to be found: the content still goes for the (online) form.

On-demand: also in events

The content of events should now really be on demand. This is not only the new way of doing things on TV and the Internet. It is also the way to increase the ROI and the impact of your event on knowledge events. So think carefully about that impact and how you can best use it and integrate it as fully as possible in your overall campaign.  Everyone is used to the fact that knowledge and inspiration are always available. Just think of the unstoppable advance of Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and similar platforms. So learn from this for your online event and congress and surf along on this need of the visitor.

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