Organizing online events, do you need the help of an event agency?

Organizing online events, do you need the help of an event agency?

An important question to ask yourself when organizing an online event is: can I do it myself? Or will I benefit from the help of a communication and event agency to help me plan and produce it?  You always need to ask this question when you are planning to organize an event, whether it is a physical event or congress, or in this day and age, an online virtual congress or event.

The answer is not always easy, can vary per event, and starts with yourself. Many available tools work very efficiently and at low cost. Especially for online events or meetings where the form is more like a webinar or live streams with, for example, one or a few speakers who have a simple message, this is easy to realize yourself. If you need help with this, we are happy to advise you.

There are also many providers of video/technology, locations, software who can provide tools and who can help facilitate the technical part. They are essential, but whom do you choose? And you can make it technically possible, but how do you get your message across? And how do you monitor the impact and dynamics of your online event? As with a physical event, there are several disciplines within an online event that need to come together to organize the perfect (online) congress or event.

When your event is more comprehensive when it has to make a significant impact or has other important marketing/communication goals, then you soon find yourself in our discipline: EventMarketing and Live Communication. After all, an online event is more than just sending a ‘read up text,’ an extensive meeting, or expressing a personal message.

Ask yourself the question, just like with any other event: what do you want to achieve with your online event? Which online and offline campaign is involved? What are the communication objectives? What are the goal and the message, and how do you apply this online? It might even be more challenging to make an impact online. Make sure you have a definite event strategy. And make an unforgettable impression, make an impact on your event. Whether online or offline, this is precisely where we, as an agency, can add value.

Also, keep in mind that as a brand, you always build on your brand value, image, reputation, and branding. We now often see that these strict requirements and wishes about the brand image are sometimes forgotten. That’s a waste of opportunity and can damage your brand.

We are marketing communication specialists focused on live even when everyone is looking at their screen, maybe just when you’re looking at a screen!

The years in which an event was no more than a speaker with a Powerpoint presentation are already far behind us. So let’s take those steps online and not fall into outdated forms of broadcasting. Engagement, interaction, and making the connection online is just as critical and maybe even more difficult.

When you consider this, the added value of an agency is clear. We at Amplify can help you with the selection of the very best tool, the technical set up, the production, online and offline communication around the event. And foremost, the use of content before, during, and after your online event.

We are your ideal and independent colleague who advise you and guide you so that we can create together. Call us, and we are happy to create with you.

Would you like to know more about how we, as an event agency, can make your event corona-proof? Plan here a skype / zoom / Webex / facetime/ WhatsApp or just a phone call. In these crazy times, we can also be reached in the evenings by appointment only.

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