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    A healthcare conference for continence nurses

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After fifteen years of organising this conference, the client felt it was time to outsource the organisation, even though they were quite apprehensive about it. The rock-solid conference had earned an excellent reputation throughout the nursing world. Yet perhaps it could be spruced up a bit, more professional and with more of an eye for the outcome and the ROI. That is where Amplify came in. We were requested to provide input, to assist, and to raise the conference to an even higher level, in collaboration with the Coloplast team. In excellent harmony we coordinated the entire day, substantiating the conference communication and marketing.

We took care of the house style, the website, the registration, and the show of the day. Furthermore, we made a video film and an after-movie of the event. We introduced several formats during the plenary session and ensured that the presentations generated a more sparkling experience.

We also arranged an appropriate décor, and goodie bags. While the conference was still in progress, these original gifts already disappeared into many participants’ bags. Genuine collector’s items! The best compliment was that the client indicated that this was the most pleasant and relaxed conference they had ever participated in. And there was more to be satisfied with: the number of visitors went up by no less than 20 per cent.

Venue: Landgoed de Horst estate
Type of event: biennial conference
Number of attendants: 150

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