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This conference was focused on the dignity paradigm. The dignity paradigm has ensued from the Handicap Experience project, a collaborative effort initiated by Amerpoort [supporting people with an intellectual disability]; Cordaan [small-scale care and assistance]; De Twentse Zorgcentra [health care centres in the Twente area]; ORO [supporting vulnerable people]; Siza [supporting people with disabilities], and researchers Anne-Mei The, Antoinette Reerink, and Eline Roelofsen. It describes how clients, next of kin, and professionals define a life in dignity.

The Life in Dignity conference revolved around sharing experience, the progress made in scientific action research, and the road towards such research. Our assignment was to go for a truly interactive approach, with a minimum of “direction”. The event had to provide an engaging experience for all the participants, who had come to learn from the research and were eager to implement the outcomes in their own organisations. Furthermore, the conference needed to be low-threshold and easily accessible for people with a disability; they are our clients and key guests of the conference. We contributed our ideas on the format and, on occasion, the content. We provided advice regarding the set-up and roll-out, and we took care of all the event components and conference management.

We designed the website, set up the registration procedure, and developed a new logo. Furthermore, we supported the speakers, kept in touch with the venue, and ensured that everything went smoothly and according to schedule on the day of the event.

Venue: Veerensmederij, Amersfoort
Type of event: conference to exchange experience and share scientific research results
Number of attendants: 220

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