Connecting right across all borders and time zones
The assignment involved a five-year anniversary, 150 staff working on four continents, and a goal: creating an unforgettable, tailor-made event enabling us to celebrate our successes and engage in team building, without the need for staff to travel…

So we developed a hybrid event full of gamification. An optimum combination of online and offline activities, right across all borders and time zones. A guerrilla action during the MT meetings in several countries delivered a huge box in every meeting room. This box contained all the props required for Civolution The Game.

Civolution the Game

A virtual intern had all the staff across the globe carry out assignments. An internal battle broke out and the competition was tangible. For an entire week, all the offices across the continents were digitally interconnected, engaging staff in a vigorous online and offline race. Unknowingly, all the teams were eventually playing in a single Civolution The Movie.

Première: Civolution the Movie

The staff needed to upload the various small assignments to an online platform specifically built for this purpose. This enabled progress to be monitored and scores to be kept and shared with the other countries. The internal battle raged on.

Without knowing exactly what the ultimate result would be, all the teams furtively contributed to the same end product: the comedy Civolution the Movie. Civolution the Movie premiered at seven simultaneous events divided over the continents, by way of a plug-and-play online presentation that all the countries could view during their own closing festivities via a click-through. All this was scheduled on the exact fifth anniversary of Civolution.

The result

Through teamwork and gamification, all the staff have accomplished the mission: an unforgettable event to celebrate Civolution’s successes, in which everyone has collaborated enthusiastically and got to know one another better. Making Civolution the Movie has not just turned out to be an excellent way to enhance the impact of the message; it also provided all the company staff with an highly personal memento.

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Guests: 150

Location: Worldwide

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