M12 –Management Team Conference

TheaterHangaar Katwijk

A revolving set is a piece of cake for us

M12, the Management Team branding conference, focused on the current six main management trends. In 360 minutes, day chair Ben Tiggelaar guided the audience through the iconic trends in the key domains: markets, people, technologies, organisation, strategy, and leadership. Each theme featured a renowned speaker from the Netherlands or abroad who inspired the audience and presented his or her perspective of the future.

We have organised this conference in collaboration with MT MediaGroep, bearing co-responsibility for its roll-out, from concept development to marketing and organisation. This presented quite a challenge, as the conference venue was the TheaterHangaar in Katwijk, the set of block-busting musical Soldaat van Oranje. For us, a piece of cake! We turned the spectacular revolving musical set into a fantastic conference setting!

Visiters: 525
Venue: TheaterHangaar Katwijk

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