• MG SZ EV launch in Europe

    sentence: a James Bond-worthy event

After a 15-year absence from Europe, the famous MG brand is making its comeback with the introduction of the fully electric MG SZ EV. This model is off to an innovative start: no dealerships, online only, and with partners. We have organised two events on behalf of MG to launch the brand: a press launch and a corporate event.

We invited the international press to come to Genk, Belgium. Here, at the impressive old coal mine premises (C-Mine), we informed the reporters about all the features of the car, and where they could take the very first models for a test run. The event featured presentations from the international board of directors, and specialists were available to answer any questions from the press.

For the corporate event, we organised an experience at the Zeche Zollverein industrial complex in Germany: another old coalmine, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Corporate partners from all over Europe were invited to celebrate the launch and become acquainted with the SZ EV. Presentations were provided and dozens of test runs were made. The crowning touch was a digital exhibition on the history of MG in the old coalmine shafts. The presentations by the international board of directors were introduced by Dutch sports journalist Toine van Peperstraten, who hosted the evening. A dinner, entirely in style with the new campaign, concluded the impressive afternoon.

Venue: Genk C-Mine (Belgium) and Zollverein (Germany)
Type of event: launch of new MG model for press and B2B

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