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This event was intended to place Nespresso’s most loyal customers in the limelight. We invited them for a brunch or lunch event – of course, to thank them, but also to introduce them to the Nespresso recycling programme, such as the recycling bicycle. At two beautiful locations, we provided four beautiful and inspiring speakers who presented their views on how to live even more sustainably: André Kuipers (astronaut), Maurits Groen (founder of Wakawaka), Hélène Smits (Stating the Obvious), and Emma van der Leest (Rotterdam Blue City Lab). The event included a VR experience, cocktail workshops, and Meet & Greet with the speakers.

Venue: Duin & Kruidberg estate and premises in Alphen a/d Rijn
Type of event: loyalty event comprising four separate events divided over two weekends

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