• NWO / SIA Taskforce for Applied Research – Knowledge Sharing Days City Deal in Groningen and Den Bosch

    Gaining inspiration regarding growth, innovation, and liveability in a city

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This national knowledge sharing day is organised twice a year in cities that have joined the City Deal, a component of the central government Urban Agenda programme. The Urban Agenda involves collaboration between the central government, cities, and stakeholders. It is focused on boosting growth, innovation, and the liveability of Dutch cities.

The name says it all: Knowledge Sharing Day. A day fully focused on the mutual exchange of knowledge between the government, the business community, and educational establishments.

In addition to the lectures by international speakers active in this field, local initiatives were presented that served as an inspiration for all the other City Deal cities that were represented at the event. Various workshops, demonstrations, and lectures enabled the delegates to acquire knowledge and gain inspiration. Some examples of the presentations by authoritative speakers during the Den Bosch event: Deputy Vice Chancellor Guy Orpen (University of Bristol) explained their unique approach to collaboration with the city of Bristol; Professor Marjolein Zweekhorst (VU University Amsterdam) related how Community Service Learning is systematically introduced within all the Master’s programmes at the university; senior researchers Sue-Yen Tjong Tjin Tai and Katja Rusinovic reported on the latest studies into societal connection which were being conducted by the Rathenau Institute and under Erasmus+ grants.

Venues: Groningen and Den Bosch
Type of event: lectures and workshops

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