• SIA spring get-together

    Networking & sharing expertise during a spring get-together with a twist – ±75-100 guests


On behalf of the SIA Taskforce for Applied Research, Amplify set to work on their spring social. An excellent opportunity for colleagues and business partners to get together and catch up on the past six months. For Amplify, it was the challenge of working out a pleasant afternoon featuring some memorable moments and the presentation of the updated annual report. Furthermore, it had to be more than just a networking opportunity. We took great pleasure in embarking on this task!

A beautiful retro-style location, with stained glass windows up to the ceiling, always makes a conducive venue. Following a hearty welcome, the annual report was passed around. Subsequently, a well-known philosopher inspired the entire audience with a message to remember. By way of a festive conclusion, a rhyme writer rounded off the gathering with a

Amplify tackled everything for this event: from concept development to the ultimate production. We considered what would be appropriate for this organisation, including even the printing designs. This was the first time that this client had hired an external party for their spring social. Their feedback? It had never been so easy and so relaxed!

Would you also like a successful event, without worries? Amplify would be happy to help!

Number of guests: ± 75-100
Location: Villa Jongerius
Type of event: Networking social

Villa Jongerius

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