• TCA Officers’ Meeting 2019

    Informal conference with an international impact – 65 guests


These four days revolved around the working group and several European TCA officers (TCA = Transnational Cooperation Activities – Education & Training Resource Centre, established by the European Commission in 2018). To ease into the mood and enable everyone to catch up for a while, we started with a pleasant dinner on the beach.

The next day, the Director of the Erasmus+ Agency opened the conference. The hall was filled with more than sixty delegates, who listened to the best practices, and subsequently divided into groups to attend several training sessions and workshops. The Netherlands was the host country, but we were collaborating closely with the Hungarian officers (Hungary is the TCA home base). Amplify ensured that everyone was well prepared for and informed about the planning of this four-day event. We also took care of the social elements on the programme. For example, we organised a boat trip through the city of Haarlem for dinner on the second evening, and we arranged for all the luncheons. In addition, we shouldered the direction and production burden for the client, so that they would not have to worry about beamers, technology, and converting the meeting hall. This service was immensely appreciated!

Would you also like a successful event, without worries? Amplify would be happy to help!

Number of guests: 65
Location: NH Zandvoort
Type of event: International conference – Summit

Erasmus Transnational Cooperation Activities –Education & Training Resource Centre

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