Everyone and every organisation is welcome!

We at Amplify welcome everyone and every organisation. Whether you are operating from the Netherlands or from abroad, whether you own a small company or are organising a huge event: we are keen to help you.

We support sales by organising events for existing and new clients, by maintaining and strengthening client portfolios, or by attracting new business.

With our event marketing strategies, we are happy to help HR departments organise events to attract and recruit new talents. Or events aimed at your current staff, such as company knowledge conferences, company outings, and team-building events.

  • We regularly help out staff associations and organising committees that can use some (procurement) expertise and are anxious to have a fun party of their own.
  • We support directorates, boards, and managers with creative event content for their presentations at internal and external events. For example, we can produce presentations, video material, audio support, and much more.
  • We enhance marketing by giving live impetus to your message. This is frequently combined with product launches or PR events. In such cases, we always use a well-considered content strategy.
  • Publishers have been coming to us for more than ten years. We understand the business! We devise new concepts or enhance new and existing trade fairs, conferences, workshops, or training courses for this target group. “From print to live” is one of our fields of expertise.

What we do

Whether it is a conference, trade show, gala event, festival or party: nothing fazes us!

Are you after something really special? Something innovative? Out-of-the-box? Or something weirdly creative? We would be most happy to devise an event tailored to your wishes!

✔ Brands – Actual contact makes a difference, especially in this volatile digital world. If you really want to commit your target group to your brand, then go for authentic contact..

✔ Businesses – Businesses are closer to their target groups than ever before. Staff are more mobile and more flexible than ever. Event marketing enhances your business both on the outside and on the inside.

✔ Teams – Team building, in a fun or straightforward manner, is important. Your people are your capital and your main ambassadors. And with the right event, you bring out the best in them.

✔ Customer relations – With an event, you are investing in your relationship with existing and future clients.

✔ Marketing – Get in touch with your target group and ensure that you are wherever they are.

✔ Sales – A good event capitalises on your customer’s needs and can thus boost your sales.

✔ Content – The power of relevant content is of great value to your event: not just during, but especially before and after. Every event needs a well-considered content strategy.

Get in touch

Your event in 5 steps!

  1. Have a coffee together and map out the goals
  2. We set to work and elaborate the concept
  3. Discuss, adapt, and fine-tune plans
  4. Time for your dream event and a top experience for all your guests!
  5. We visualise the results and evaluate the process with you

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