Amplify your trade show or booth

Organizing a trade show or booth?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered! Whether it’s a full-scale trade show or designing an exhibition stand, the Amplify team is here for you.

Full event management

Organizing a trade show is a speciality in itself. Let’s amplify your event

The dynamic interaction between the trade show organization, attendees, and exhibitors is what sets a trade show apart. That’s why organizing a trade show is a distinct skill, and we’re here to help you with it. Whether it’s just a booth, participating in a trade show, or coordinating the entire event, we ensure that you have nothing to worry about! Do you still remember the most enjoyable and interesting trade show you’ve ever attended? The one that inspired you, where everything was well-organized, and you’d definitely go back? That’s what we aim to achieve for all your trade show guests.

From production to communication for trade shows

Trade shows demand flawless production, exhibitor guidance, and participant registration. At Amplify, we have extensive experience in this. We discuss your objectives and ensure ROI for your trade show. From technology to registration, from communication marketing to video, vlogs, and blogs: Amplify ensures that you achieve the maximum results from the trade show.

Full event management

Amplify your team

But also think about the total trade show strategy and plan. Training your trade show staff; the stand crew is of great importance. The preparations can be excellent, the booth beautiful and show stopping. But it’s the team that needs to shine and will make all the difference. We can train the trade show team, but more importantly, work together with the internal team to devise a sales strategy that will yield results. Participating in a trade show is like playing a top-level sport, that’s why it’s crucial to have everything in order for the booth crew.

Your benefits:

  • Direction/Production: We handle the entire logistics; you only need to receive the applause.
  • Event Design: Amplify conceives, designs, and manages everything you see, hear, feel and taste.
  • Exhibitor support: you carefully select your exhibitors. Therefore, you want these individuals to receive excellent support before, during, and after the trade show, understanding the possibilities on the exhibition floor.
  • Content: we create a content marketing plan for you with plenty of possibilities, including videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, stories, and live streams.
  • Stand design and trade show planning, from start to finish, from setup to teardown, we're here to assist you.

We helpen je graag met alle vragen over je event.