Amplify Live Online & Hybrid events and congresses

Amplify your (online) event and congress with marketing and live communication.

Amplify your (online) event and congress with marketing and live communication Create impact with your live, online, or hybrid event. A hybrid or online event brings many new challenges. Amplify eventmarketing has a team of highly experienced specialists who can take these concerns off your hands.

From production to communication

Live Online & Hybrid events and congresses Create impact with an online event.

An online or hybrid event or congress is a slightly different ball game than a live event or congress. An online or hybrid event requires a new way of thinking about format and layout and must be intellectually, but especially visually engaging and entertaining. Another significant difference is interaction: how do you ensure that people can network when they no longer meet each other during lunch or drinks? And how do you keep their attention? There are many different ways to combine the advantages of both a live and an online event or congress in a hybrid event. We are here to assist you with that!

Full event management

From production to communication

From production to communication There are various forms conceivable for an online or hybrid congress and event. Consider:

  • Videoconference: Easy to set up, suitable for smaller meetings, discussions, or breakouts.
  • Webinar: Often used when the event or presentation focuses on the speaker(s). A session involves a presentation or workshop where interaction is possible but not the main focus.
  • Live Stream: This involves broadcasting speakers, panel discussions, or debates. Often, there is good interaction with the audience. A television format with an interviewer and speakers or discussions at a table is commonly chosen.

We handle the broadcasting of an online event, ranging from quick and simple (laptop with a webcam) to professional and extensive (location studio with a complete setup and a professional crew).

It just has to be absolutely perfect.

Event platform

The key to a successful online, live, or hybrid event or congress is a professional and always functional platform. All experiences must seamlessly connect. Whether a speaker or participant is physically present on-site or watching and presenting online from the other side of the world, it has to be flawless. At Amplify, we have developed our own platform based on our extensive experience with these types of events.

Always maximum results

Your benefits:

  • Fully or modularly deployable: you only use what you need, saving costs.
  • Custom design in your own (event) house style.
  • Our secure and proven platform can do it all:
  • Plenary sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Virtual lobby
  • Streaming from a professional studio at (international) (home) locations
  • Networking: 1-on-1 contacts or in groups
  • Interaction: chat functions, interaction through polls, quizzes, whitepaper downloads, etc.
  • Scientific or medical congresses: Abstracts, poster handling, poster sessions, evaluation, and presentations.
Virtual Events and Online Congresses require a solid communication and event strategy, along with flawless production through technical knowledge and experience. At Amplify, we have it all in-house. We discuss your objectives together and ensure impact and ROI with your event. From technology to registration, from communication marketing to video, vlogs, and blogs: Amplify always ensures that you get the maximum result from your online event.

We helpen je graag met alle vragen over je event.