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Organizing a congress, symposium, convention or conference?

Amplify is the go-to partner for successful congresses, symposia, conventions and conferences with impact. Our experienced team creates unforgettable and impactful conference experiences, from design to evaluation. We take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless execution. Bring your vision to life and make your congress a major success with Amplify.

Full event management

Create impact with a successful congress. Let’s Amplify your event

When organizing a congress, symposium, convention or conference, there’s a lot to consider. These type of events are a slightly different ballgame than an average event. The preparations are often more complex due to the presence of stakeholders. There are many (international) speakers and often a large number of attendees. Everything must run smoothly, requiring central coordination: the main stage alone is often an event in itself. A congress day (or days) requires a strict schedule, given numerous workshops, breakouts, or keynotes. At the same time, you want to ensure that the audience have enough space for networking and building connections. How do you put together that ultimate conference program, taking into account all the wishes and objectives of stakeholders, sponsors, speakers, and above all, the attendees? That’s where we’re here to help!

Full event management

From production to communication

Congresses demand flawless production, speaker guidance, and participant registration. At Amplify, we have extensive experience in this. We discuss your objectives and ensure ROI with your congress. From technology to registration, from communication marketing to video, vlogs, and blogs: Amplify ensures that you achieve the maximum results from the congress.

Your benefits:

  • Direction/Production: We handle the entire logistics; you only need to receive the applause.
  • Show & Event Design: Everything you see and hear, conceptualized, designed, and executed by Amplify.
  • Custom Participants Registration Tool: Ticket sales, program sign-ups, registration, networking, badges, voting, live voting in the venue—all possible with our tool.
  • Abstract / Poster Uploads: For scientific conferences, speakers often need to upload abstracts and/or posters. The automated process of uploading and evaluation by an assigned committee can be seamlessly managed in our custom-made tooling.
  • Speaker Guidance: You carefully select your speakers. Therefore, you want these individuals to receive excellent guidance before, during, and after the conference, ensuring they know what to do.
  • Content: We create a content marketingplan with videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, stories, and, of course, livestreams during the conference itself.

Full event management

How do you ensure that people can network during a congress?

Almost every event organizer aims for it, but it rarely happens: enabling the audience to network and connect with each other. Often, a schedule is so packed that people are relieved to relax during lunch or simply check their emails. And then it’s time for the next session. If networking is a crucial goal for your congress, we often integrate it into the workshops or breakouts themselves. Want to know more, come talk to us and schedule a quick call.

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