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Create impact with a creative training or brainstorming session.

Training & Brainstorm Create impact with a creative training or brainstorming session.

Are you looking for an effective way to help your in-house marketing, communication, and event managers grow in their roles and provide them with the latest insights and tools in eventdesign and planning? Amplify offers the perfect solution for your company and the internal team dedicated to events.

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From production to communication

In addition to our organizational services, Amplify also offers a unique creative brainstorming training in the design and organization of effective and successful events. This training/brainstorming session is specially designed for marketing, communication, and event managers responsible for organizing corporate events such as conferences, product launches, and networking events.

Our sessions in event design and organization are designed to help your team create events that align with your business goals and the preferences of your target audience. During our in-house sessions, your team learns how to plan, design, and organize an event that leaves a lasting impression on guests and contributes to the success of your company.

Our training includes practical exercises and simulations that help your managers apply their skills directly to their daily work. We focus on key aspects of event design and organization, such as creating a schedule, selecting the right venue, developing a marketing strategy, and coordinating vendors.

Our training in event design and organization is available as a one- or two-day program and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company and managers. This means your managers can develop skills that are most relevant to your business and industry.

This allows you to discover the potential of events for your business when nothing is organized yet. Or we approach all current events and strategies with a fresh perspective. Consider us your external expert sparring partners.

Our training sessions are conducted by experienced industry professionals and are tailored to your needs. Want to learn more? Contact us and discover how we can help your team grow and thrive.