Five tips for a successful online knowledge event and conference

Five tips for a successful online knowledge event and conference

The corona crisis shocked the event industry but certainly didn’t blow it over. Well before the crisis, we were already a well-oiled machine in terms of digital techniques, design, and production. Online events and conferences had been on the rise for some time, but today’s reality has given this form a considerable boost.

In recent months we have organized numerous online events, congresses, get-togethers, workshops, annual meetings, and even complete summer parties for our clients. Successful digital conferences that have all achieved their goals. By working with existing (and new) streaming platforms that seamlessly integrate with online experiences and customized tools, participants discover how fun and interactive it is to meet each other online.

But what do you do when an event is all about knowledge and content? Think, for example, of the science, education, government, healthcare, and IT sectors? High-quality learning and networking are central in meetings for these fields, and it’s less about the ‘pretty picture’ or the show around it. Of course, there is plenty of fun to be had at these events, but the message and connecting people is the most important thing.  Then converting a live event into an online event is absolutely not a question of copy-paste.

We would like to give you five great but practical tips on how to make an online knowledge event a big success.

  1. Back to the drawing board

Schedule a creation session during which the entire event will be under review. We often use the nice-to-have/need-to-have distribution. Ensure the team in this session is diverse; for example, ask colleagues with and without experience with the event and from different departments to think along with you. Also, see the session mainly as an open conversation, only after this, the event will be further shaped. And do you need help with such a meeting? We can guide you to come to a good (online) concept.

  1. On-demand is key

It is good to realize that despite the new reality, your visitor’s time is still scarce. We see a shift in the behavior of the visitors present: they want access to event-shared – knowledge at a time that suits them. On-demand is key. If you’re going to help everyone, make a sophisticated combination of on-demand and live (streaming) in your online program. Think carefully about the impact and how you can best and as fully as possible use and integrate this into your whole campaign.  Everyone is used to the fact that knowledge and inspiration are always available. Just think of the unstoppable platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and similar platforms. So learn from this for your online event and congress and surf along on this need of the visitor.

  1. Networking: connect the right people online

Facilitate and organize online networking down to the last detail. The threshold to join someone at the standing table is gone. For many people, this is even a relief! And for us as organizers, it is a huge opportunity to make the right matches after all. That’s why you should carefully study your visitor data and make that match. This way, you reduce the chance of no shows. And, more importantly, increase the impact of your event. Would you like to know more about linking visitors, we have the best networking tools in-house and are happy to help you.

  1. Connect the viewer to the program

Same as in our live events and conferences, we like to crowdsource (part of) the program. This is not always feasible, but there are many different ways to involve your visitor in your event in advance. This is valuable data that allows you to create an even better fitting event. And collecting data and analyzing data is an essential part of organizing a successful online event.

  1. A beautiful picture is also important

Of course, the overall picture has to be good. Branding is of the utmost importance online. But the content and visuals should not overshadow the content; instead, it has to support it. Otherwise, everyone only talks about the ‘show’ and no longer about the essential message. Make it a pleasant, comfortable online environment. Just like in ‘real-life’, clear and appropriate communication makes the most significant impact. Think mainly about the content you are going to make during the event and how you will use it around your event. The marketing, communication, and PR plan of your event must all be in order.

We are happy to help you!

Do you want to talk about this, or are you curious if you are on the right track? Would you like to know if we can support you with your online production? Then schedule a consultation without obligation. We are happy to help you on your way and advise you in the right direction. Mail us:, and we will schedule a (video) consultation.

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