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A successful event inspires, refreshes, and surprises. And by sound planning and careful organisation, you can really do justice to its content. That is exactly what we are good at: enhancing your event.

This does not just relate to the broad outlines; first and foremost, it is a matter of details. Everything must be strong, from the strategy to the coffee. You want your guests to gain an unforgettable impression of your organisation, not just during but also before and after the event. That is why we prefer to regard an event as the sparkling centre of an overall campaign. This ensures that your event produces actual results and creates an impact.

How do we accomplish that? With our unique 360-degree approach, in which all the aspects of online and offline marketing communication converge. By using a sophisticated content strategy. But also, by adopting the very latest technologies.

Collaboration with Amplify lets you discover what it means to have nothing to worry about. The only thing you need to do is take a bow!

Amplify your event through marketing and live communication

What we Amplify?

Conferences & trade shows

Workshops & presentations

Gala events & dinners

Festivals, Parties & anniversaries

Product launches

Customisation: we are happy to help you think!

How we Amplify?

Reinforcing your brand & marketing

Increasing commitment to your company

Team building

Investing in customer relations

The right event for increasing turnover

Powerful and result-oriented content

The smallest details come together, from the strategy until the coffee. Creating the ultimate event

Who we Amplify

Of course, the “usual suspects” such as managers of marketing, sales, communications, and PR departments. But CEOs, boards, publishers, the (semi) public sector, managements, staff associations, organising committees, and corporate event managers also know where to find us. Large and small organisations, national or international, we welcome all of them!

Get Amplified too!

Confidence, inspiration, expertise, accuracy, flexibility, and the personal touch, that is what you are looking for in an events agency. That is who we are, that is how we work.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, without any obligation; we are eager to answer any queries!

Stress free and well thought through productions create a relaxed atmosphere during your event that is being felt by the guests

Setting up an Amplify Event: five steps

  1. Have a coffee together and map out the goals
  2. We set to work and elaborate the concept
  3. Discuss, adapt, and fine-tune plans
  4. Time for your dream event and a top experience for all your guests!
  5. We visualise the results and evaluate the process with you

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