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An event has to be inspiring, refreshing and surprising. The content is leading and so necessary for the event to be fully appreciated by your guests. And of course, the event has to be solidly planned and very well organized.

We Amplify your event.

The smallest of details are of importance: everything should contribute to the bigger picture, from the strategy until the coffee. Guests need to be inspired, happy and satisfied when they look back to an unforgettable experience. An event organized to perfection and thoroughly connects to your organizations’ strategy and culture.

We Amplify this by making your event the center of attention of the whole campaign. Not only the organization of an event or conference but organizing events with a purpose. Setting goals, reaching targets and accomplishing them. We achieve this by using a unique 360 degrees approach where all facets of online and offline marketing communication come together with the newest technology during the entire event marketing campaign.

This way we create your dream event, getting results and gaining impact.
The only thing you have to do is to receive the compliments and words of thanks from your guests.

No worries, only applause.

That is how it feels to work with Amplify EventMarketing

Amplifying with EventMarketing and Live Communication

What we Amplify?

Select one of our disciplines and learn more
about who we are and who we work for.


How we Amplify?

Select one of our disciplines and learn more about
who we are and how we work


Let’s Amplify your event!

The smallest details come together, from the strategy until the coffee. Creating the ultimate event

Who we Amplify

Next to the departments and managers from marketing, sales, communication and PR. The most common clients are: CEO’s, publishers, (semi) governments, board of directors, personnel associations, party comities and last but certainly not least corporate event managers.

Everyone, large or small, national or international, is welcome at Amplify.

What we Amplify

(International) Congresses, Workshops, Galas, Diners, Shows, Award Ceremonies, Festivals, Webinars, Hybrid Events, Launchings, Fairs, Fair Stands, Sales Events, Product launches, (Employee) Parties and Celebration Jubilees…

We are highly experienced in every field. Do you want something totally different? Refreshing? Out-of-the-box? Creative? But also effective? And, would like to work with a great team who takes care of business with a smile.

How we Amplify

We do not fear to use brand new techniques and technology, actually we use them a lot and can help you use them to. But we are also known with the proven classics.  Audio-visual, video and film, sound design, content creation and strategy, PR, virtual reality, (mind-) mapping, 3D, holograms, stadiums, boardrooms… the sky is the limit!

At the same time we keep track on all the details making sure that it all contributes to the goals of the event. We never lose the goals out of our sight.

Together we create a strategy and advice you on how to make your event a unforgettable success.

Stress free and well thought through productions create a relaxed atmosphere during your event that is being felt by the guests

Get amplified

Expertise, passion and a personal connection, that is what you look for in an event company. Reliable, flexible and eye for detail, that is how we work and who we are.

Do not hesitate to contact us and make a appointment. Let’s meet live and discuss what we could do for you. We will share our first thoughts and you can decide if there is a possible match. Hopefully afterwards we can start with the beginning of a long a durable relationship.

Five steps to an Amplify Event

  • Meet Live, brainstorm and mapping out your goals and wishes
  • We create a first draft concept, in tune with your business strategy and culture
  • We discuss the concept. Change, add and create the ultimate gameplan together
  • Your dream event is created. Organized to perfection.
  • We Celebrate the successes, evaluate and share our learnings.

Already Amplified

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