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Let’s Amplify your Hybrid event!

A hybrid event is a combination of an offline and online event. The audience present in person and the participants online simply get to see the same content: only from different locations. Due to current limitations in the world, venues can only facilitate part of their guest capacity. Therefore, the combination of live and online offers a solution.

In the past year, we have been able to organize hundreds online events and congresses, and we are now taking all these positive learnings and experience with us into the future of events. And the future of many events and conferences will be hybrid. For many participants, hybrid will be a must, giving your participants the choice to experience the event online or in person.

The only thing you really need is a platform that facilitates this seamlessly. We have that event platform in house and under our own management. This means that all specific wishes and requirements you might have, are possible.

You are looking for a partner with knowledge and experience of all aspects of lice communication and event management;  organisation, communication, marketing, strategy, concept, production and technology. All elements must come together for a hybrid event to be successful.

Advantages Amplify:

– Direction/production online and offline: we arrange the complete logistics, including the main stage or break out rooms, of the conference day(s).

– Own participant registration tool: ticket sales, registering for the programme, registration, networking, badges it’s all possible in our tool.

– Content: we create a content marketing plan with videos, blogs, vlogs, plogs, stories and of course live streams during the conference itself.

– Live Stream: this also involves speakers, panel members or debates being broadcast. Often there is good interaction with the audience and a television format with an interviewer and speakers or table discussions is often chosen here.

– Event platform: The most important thing with an online event or conference is a professional and always working platform. At Amplify we have developed our own platform based on our extensive experience with events in the past 20 years.

Content is leading

Content- and knowledge events need a stable and experienced partner, who takes their goals seriously and doesn’t come up with all the bells and whistles where the message gets lost. Even though there are more and more interesting online tools to be found, content still comes before (online) form.

On demand: also in hybrid events

Event content must now be available on demand. This is not only the new way of doing things on TV and the Internet. For events and conferences, too, it is the way to increase the ROI and impact of your event. So think carefully about that impact and how you can use it best and as fully as possible and integrate it into your overall campaign.  Everyone is now used to the fact that knowledge and inspiration are always available.

We are happy to help!

Would you like to discuss this further or are you curious as to whether you are on the right track? Would you like to know whether we can support you with your hybrid production? Then schedule a consultation. We will be happy to help you on your way and advise you on the right track.

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