Amplify you event

The basics

Preparing for your upcoming events with Amplify eventmarketing.

We are here to help, if anything is unclear please feel free to contact us.

Preparing for your event To make sure that preparation makes perfect

Below you will find a questionnaire. With the provided answers, we will proceed to set up the registration page/platform for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. In the package you have chosen, the following features are included:

  • Registration Page: Customized with smart fields/custom fields.
  • Dashboard Access to Registration Data.
  • Payments: Payment services available upon request.
  • Email Module: Messages to the platform and participants' email inboxes.
  • Participants - Profile pages
  • Participants - o Networking: Including forum, messaging function, connections, etc. Messages sent to the platform and participants' email inboxes.
  • Programme module
  • Abstract Tool and Evaluation System (Optional)

Participants register to present an abstract/presentation. This is then evaluated through our tool and sent to the evaluators who can assign points in our system. Subsequently, participants who are accepted will be invited to present. All this information is then used to populate the program. Key features include:

  • Dashboard for Organizers and Evaluators/Committee Members
  • Upload Tool for Participants
  • Evaluation System
  • Communication with Participants
  • Poster Tool including Personal Poster Presenter Page, Upload Tool, Search Options, Theme-Based Filtering, Voting Function for Poster Prize (Optional)

Bij Amplify hebben we veel ervaring met events waar kennis centraal staat. We bespreken je doelstellingen en zorgen voor ROI met je congres. Van techniek tot registratie, van communicatiemarketing tot video, vlogs en blogs: Amplify zorgt ervoor er dat je het maximale resultaat uit het congres haalt.

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