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    A spectacular and proud anniversary on the right track

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A 70-year anniversary is quite a milestone. On this proud day, the Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes (NWO-I, formerly FOM) wanted to pay tribute to the staff who made this all possible, and thank them for their efforts, their commitment, their navigation of the economic highs and lows, and their ambassadorship.

The Rijtuigenloods industrial event venue in Amersfoort provided the setting for the official part of the programme, which was set up as a conference. Following the conference, drinks and snacks awaited the guests in the front hall. At record speed, we converted the conference hall into a grand business festival. To accommodate a wide variety of visitors of all ages, we came up with an appropriate theme that tied in with the new future envisaged for the foundation.

We embedded this theme throughout the festival as the common thread of the evening. Following the reception with live music and short speeches, it was time for an opening with a bang. A grand moment which would immediately put all the visitors in a party mood. Performances by a huge brass band, LED dancers, and a laser show turned the opening into an unforgettable occasion. And dancing was invited! Performances by singer Jennie Lena and 2 Brothers on the Fourth Floor, alternating with our Amplify House DJ and the interactive disco setting ensured that the dance floor was packed throughout the evening.

In addition, plenty of entertainment was provided for guests who did not feel like dancing. Oxygen bars, black light painting, a VR experience, molecular cooking, a board game corner, and a large old school arcade hall enabled the guests to engage in a range of interactive activities, suiting all tastes: from active to thinking and tasting towards the future.

Venue: Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort
Type of event: business party, corporate festival, anniversary celebrations
Number of guests: 1500

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