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    Take over everything, one day prior to the event? Sure, no problem.

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Occasionally, we get requests right out of the blue. This is where Amplify’s exceptional flexibility comes in. A company had planned a multi-day conference featuring an award show and a gala dinner, but unfortunately their in-house event manager had signed off. No problem, we will be happy to take on this challenge!

One day before the event, one of our event managers travelled to Vienna to ensure that the two-day conference would pass off smoothly. Without a scenario and further details, careful observation and prompt action are imperative. Much had already been coordinated, but many i’s and t’s still needed dotting and crossing. After all, a major, multi-day international conference for top executives must run like clockwork, that is self-evident.

With all our experience, we quickly managed to win the client’s confidence and that of the engineering and on-site staff. By acting promptly and efficiently, working non-stop through the night, and sweating away until 5.30 A.M., we managed to have the doors open by 7.00 A.M. sharp, and the event turned out to be a huge success. The guests never noticed anything of what had taken place backstage. And that is our key strength: giving our clients peace of mind and creating a valuable experience for their guests.

Venue: Vienna, Austria
Type of event: international conference, award show, gala dinner
Number of attendants: 400

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